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We are constantly on the look for new ways of working: new technologies, more interaction, prototype testing, collaboration with universities and industry leaders, you name it!

design & vision

In each project we look at what we’re given as one organ in a very complex living organism. We  understand how the organism functions in order to make the organ thrive. At the base of our designs is the principle that cities need to work with nature not against it. We call it MUDdification.


We go out there and talk to the right people, team up with other disciplines, find funding to MAKE IT HAPPEN! At the end of the day, we firmly believe that if it’s just talk, it is not enough.

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We are passionate about urban design, you might like us

Who we are

MUDstudios specializes in thinking, designing and shaping our living environment, in brief MUDdifying the urban landscape. We thrive on dialogue with all segments of society : the community, decision-makers, thinkers, fellow designers, activists, artists, and many more to make things happen at the urban scale.

We believe in nature and culture as powerful tools to create beautiful places and that new interactive digital processes are the future of city-making.

What we do

urban design

big-picture thinking

city-making research



team 1

Laura Mazzeo - Founder

Laura is an energetic Italian-French urban-designer from New Caledonia. She will move mountains to make better cities. She does not need coffee and will not take no for an answer.

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