Mont Bouet Slum regeneration

This pilot proposal suggests an alternative solution to the issue of slum regeneration in the capital of Gabon, Libreville.

The design concept turns a technical engineering-led drainage government project consisting of canalising rivers via the construction of large concrete chanels on its head. Taking the natural river and its edges as the organising spine of the neighbourhood instead, public spaces also acting as flood management areas are created providing new community amenities as well as solving the flooding and sanitary issues in a low tech and sustainable manner. The proposal also includes improving the network of lanes and pathways running through the slum with local materials and construction methods for easy maintenance by the local community.

This project was done in collaboration with the slum “chef” and helped steer the design proposal, concluding that the housing stock was sufficiently well maintained therefore shifting the focus of the intervention on reducing flooding during the rainy season to avoid landslides and the development and spread of diseases through mosquitos.